Ethel Nalule 

Ethel Nalule accepting the Charlie Earle Memorial Micro Grant for Black Women Artists at the Gordon Best Theatre, February 2020, during the Centre's Black History Month Blowout. 

Photography by Jonathan Semugaza 

Born in Uganda, Ethel Nalule is a 22 year old Canadian based photographer, currently studying a joint major in Forensic Science and Psychology at Trent University. Her passion for photography began in 2005 on her flight to Canada when a flight attendant handed her a polaroid camera. But family members have said that even at the age of 5 she would direct anyone taking a picture on where to stand and how to take photos. Growing up the only gift on her Christmas wish list was always a camera and in 2014 she won her first photography award “Best Photography 2014” at the young artists gallery in Niagara Falls.


Since then she has won the Best photography 2015 award, and has been featured in various magazines and artist platforms including being picked an an editors choice for National Geographic’s best of 2017. She enjoys story telling through photography, often leaving photos untiled for others to find their own meaning through them. Outside of photography, she enjoys music, spending time with her little brothers, sharing her cultural knowledge and going on bike rides with friends. Her photos can be seen on her Instagram page @ethel and her website 


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