Laurin Isiekwena

Laurin Ebelechukwu Isiekwena is a first-year Sociology major student at Trent University  minoring in both Business Administration and Gender and Women Studies with a specialization in Criminology and Socio-legal studies. She was born in delta state, Nigeria and immigrated to Canada in 2018 with her family where she became the first in a family of 8 to attend a Canadian university. 


From as young as 6 years old, Laurin loved the idea of being able to tell stories with just a couple of lines and verses. She fell in love with poetry as she grew up and in 2019 when she started struggling with anxiety and having panic attacks, poetry became a way to express those feelings. 


She started writing down my emotions that were too difficult to speak about. Laurin says her writing is meant to be understood by the youngest of minds and to include not only her perspective but those around her. She continues to use poetry to explore difficult emotions and hopes to one day publish her poems for the world to see.

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