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Charlie Earle was a beloved part of downtown life. She was best known for her powerful voice as a soul and blues singer and her friendly, outgoing nature. Charlie was also a talented painter, creating vivid abstract works of art. 

Charlie had a big heart and was always encouraging others to follow their passion, especially in the arts. She was humble with her gifts and was known for her kind and accepting nature. Charlie had a big heart and always stood up for the underdog. Those who were lucky enough to know her will always miss her voice, her friendship and her laughter. 

This grant, in Charlie's name, is put together with the support of Charlie's family and friends to support other young artists in the Peterborough community. Charlie was the recipient of arts grants and community support and she used those funds to help her continue to share her gift with us. 


In order to apply for this grant, please make sure that you meet the terms of eligibility. 

  • Self-identify as a Black woman or non-binary person 

  • Living in the city of Peterborough or Peterborough county 

  • In financial need (not a recipient of other major artists grants or bursaries)

Application Guidelines

Please send your application to A winner will be chosen in February and announced during our Black History Month Blowout event at the end of the month. Winners are selected by the steering collective with help from the family of Charlie Earle.


Please make sure your application includes: 

  • A brief bio (no more than 500 words) sent as a PDF

  • A short personal essay explaining why you've applied for this grant and what you intend to use the funds for (no more than 1000 words) sent as a PDF 

  • Examples of your artwork whether it be PDFs of your writing, PNGs of photography or high quality photos of your visual art work. Video files will also be accepted as examples of cinematography or live theater productions. Please contact us if these options do not work for your piece and accommodations will be discussed. 

In loving memory of Charlene "Charlie" Earle. (1986-2019)

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