Sexual Health

Safe sex and sexual wellness are important parts of our general well being. On this page you'll find access to all kinds of resources about safe sex and sexual health. 

If you live in Peterborough and you need safer sex supplies take a look at our order form. We're offering this service, which is free and anonymous, so everyone can have access to safer sex supplies. When you order from us, the package will arrive in a discrete envelope so as not to draw attention to what's inside. We recognize that many people don't live in accepting homes and it may not be safe to openly receive safer sex supplies through the shared mail. 

Our delivery service offers:

  • Latex free & regular condoms 

  • Dental dams

  • Silicone & water based lube packets

  • A QR code with information about safer sex and healthy relationships

  • Free delivery within Peterborough

More Resources:

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