Sponsorship Opportunities

The Centre is dedicated to creating a more inclusive, supportive community for all those who experience gender-based discrimination. We believe that part of this commitment means sharing our resources with those who are doing this work in our community. If you are interested in requesting a financial sponsorship for your event or working group, please send us an email at trentctwp@gmail.com and ensure that you've included the following information: 

  • An overview of the group, event or project for which you are requesting funding and how the funds will be used

  • How your group, event or project fits the Centre's mandate 

  • How your group, event or project will benefit the Peterborough community

  • When you require the funding 

Please understand that we receive more requests for sponsorship than we can reasonably accommodate. All requests for sponsorship must be discussed with the coordinator and the steering collective before any funds can be released. Meeting all the requirements for sponsorship does not guarantee that you will receive funding.  

Previous Sponsorships:

Haus of Accounting is a drag collective that was created to revitalize the art form of drag in the Nogojiwanong (Peterborough) area. Our current members are Janis from Accounting, Betty Baker, Caasi Lemah, and Dixie Q. We also have many honorary members: a very talented hula-hooping mom, a Cher impersonator, Drag Kings, singers, standup comics, fire twirlers, and burlesque acts. Our events currently serve as the very few 2SLGBTQ+ events in town. Our goal is to have regularly scheduled events for Nogojiwanong’s 2SLGBTQ+ community that will encourage engagement within the community.


Our events also aim to create a safe space for all folks, especially those who are marginalized in everyday society. Haus of Accounting has worked together with You’re Welcome, The Kawartha Sexual Assault Clinic, The Peterborough Aids Resource Network, and the Rainbow Services Organization to create educational opportunities like the Bystander Intervention Trainings to ensure our events are more than just a positive space sticker. Our previous successful events include our Annual Love Ball in collaboration with the Trent Center for Women and Trans People, trivia nights, and dirty bingo at Trent University and Fleming College. Haus of Accounting has even come together in times of need to raise funds and volunteering our time for specific people in our community.


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