Our Structure

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Steering Collective

The steering collective is a group of volunteers who oversee the decision making done at The Centre using consensus based decision making. This group oversees volunteers, event management, staff hiring and firing, financial decisions and policy. The collective is formed through community outreach and aims to represent our community through diverse perspectives and experience.  



The Coordinator is a paid employee who reports to the steering collective. The Coordinator oversees the day to day tasks at The Centre, administrative tasks, meetings with Trent University Levy Groups, budget making, tracking and organizing financial documents and receipts, holding office hours and being present at community outreach events. They also oversee some events in conjunction with the steering collective. 


Volunteers are essential to pulling off the events and work that we do! Whether it's organizing events or just working the door, volunteers are always appreciated. Anyone who is interested in volunteering can pitch us their ideas for events and resources any time and someone from the Centre will reach out with our capacity to make your dreams a reality.  

Though most volunteers are unpaid, there is often an opportunity for honorarium based work for longterm projects. For example: planning large events or facilitating workshops. 

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